Gamela Professional Global Provider Helping you manufacture and acquire the best products for business

Establishes in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1990
Gamela Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been providing more than 1000 different types of Auto A/C parts. HVAC, tools, and engine cooling parts for European, American, and Japanese cars. Our outstanding supply system is the result of years of experience in the field.
Gamela is a professional global provider
of specialized products and engineered solutions that our mission is to help you achieve significant savings in producing, assembling, repairing, and distributing expenses. We aspire to help you optimize the performances of your processes thanks to the range of our services, our proven expertise, and our sourcing skills.
Year after year, we help customers in America, Europe, and Asia
to dramatically reduce production costs through outsourcing to our network of factories in Taiwan, China, and South Korea. These contracted facilities and manufacturers offer advanced capabilities to produce a whole range of customized products and turnkey solutions for our clients, with none compromising on quality.
Almost 30 Years in the Business as a global contract manufacturer
have allowed us to streamline this outsourcing production system and create the most efficient and customer-driven process available in the marketplace today, creating great savings for our customers in the field of Auto Parts, Auto Air Conditioning Parts, and Tools.
With Years of Experience in Auto AC Parts
We specialize in the mainline of automobile A/C systems. From the compressor, low-pressure hose, evaporator, expansion valve, receiver drier, condenser, high-pressure hose, and back to the compressor, we can ensure the highest quality on all parts, making the whole system more compact, light, efficient and reliable, diminishing the consumption of engine power and ensuring the comfortable driving experience.

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