Wireless Digital Vacuum Gauge
50163B-72 - Dry-Battery-Digital-Vacuum-Gauge

✔ Overview

This product, built with Pirani professional vacuum sensor, can precisely measure the vacuum
level for getting the information of best dehumidification and removal of foreign matter (such as
oil, impurities, etc.), obtaining the best status for charging refrigerants, real-time monitoring and
measuring the leakage to the vacuum system, distinguishing the vacuum pump quality.

✔ Features 

1/ Operated by mobile phone.
2/ Long wireless range to monitor vacuum.
3/ Smart vacuum pump will shut off automatically
after reaching the pre-set vacuum on the vacuum gauge.
4/ Auto power-off.
5/ Higher accuracy sensor
6/ Larger Maximum overload pressure,500psi

✔ Product Description

Micro- USB data port:
connected with the vacuum pump, can control the automatic shutdown of the vacuum pump.
vacuum, unit, power, time, connection setting with vacuum pump, LO vacuum alarm mode, HI leak alarm mode, vacuum change rate.
Power Switch:

A short press on/long press 1S to turn off the power, press < 1 second to switch the backlight.


Specific functions and operations are shown below.


Specific functions and operations are shown below.

Up and down arrow keys:

Switch units, activate HI or LO, set vacuum value to change, switch the 'Vacuum Rate of Change" display and the "Timer" display. 9 Specific functions and operations are shown as follows.

7/16”-20UNF (1/4” SAE)

✔ Technical Parameter

Maximum overload pressure500PSI
Range0~20000 microns of mercury (when other units, just convert), beyond the range, HM-P will show, atmospheric pressure: show HH-P, App when > 20000mircons, will show 760000 microns to 20000 microns.
Resolution1 micron(0 to 2000 microns), 100 microns(2001 to 20000 microns)
AccuracyEnvironment Temperature:
18°C -28°C,
Humidity: 0 to 80%RH, ±(5% of reading + 5 microns) within the reading of 50 to 1000 microns

Environment Temperature:
<18°C or >28°C,
Humidity: 0 to 80%RH: An additional deviation of microns on top of the above precision is acceptable: 0.1 x (specified accuracy)/°C
Operating temperature0-50℃(32-122℉)
Refresh rate0.5s.
Connections7/16”-20UNF (1/4” SAE)
Battery3 pcs AA batteries (stand-by time around 40 hours)
Battery life
Battery life

Segments reflect the remaining battery life. Each fragment represents 25% increments.

shows its lack of power, Low battery.

Automatic Shutdown TimeVacuum gauge shuts down automatically: The gauge shuts down automatically after reading Hl-P for 30 minutes
Working environmentAtmospheric Environment.
Other functionsAudible and visible alarm, leak alarm, ERR reminder function, anti-pollution connection accessories, tinning (when the vacuum gauge starts the accounting, the pump will reset and start the timing again as soon as it works; When the time is displayed, short press the unit button will reset the timer and restart the timer. When displaying the leakage rate of/MIN, press the unit button for a short time. The pump will stop working if it has no effect.
It will be cleared to zero and start the timing again.