Door Dressing & Panel Shaper Tools
55005-FA - Door-Dressing-and-Panel-Shaper-Tools-9PCS-contains-a-special-pneumatic-hammer-4-different-pillows-for-different-metal-or-aluminum-thicknesses-and-one-adapter

Door Dressing & Panel Shaper Tools,9PCS
‧Door Dressing Tools system is an European wide bending or crimping system. With pneumatic air pressure door skins, wheel arches etc. can be crimped or bent in minutes.

‧The system contains a special pneumatic hammer, 4 different pillows for different metal or aluminum thicknesses and one adapter.
‧Special pillow sizes are available on demand.

‧Reshape badly deformed inner panels, body lines and floors.
‧Vibratory shaping takes less time and effort.
‧those different head shapes to fit all you needs
‧Fits all standard air hammers.
‧Replacement heads available