VAG Wheel Bearing Tool Set
57003-F - VAG-Wheel-Bearing-Tool-Set-15PCS

15PCS VAG Wheel Bearing Tool Set
‧For the new VAG models with wheel housings/hub unit.
‧Required for the correct installation.
‧High time saving - faster execution at workshop press than at the vehicle ideally suited for Wheel bearing diameters 62 mm / 66 mm / 72 mm (13" 14" 15" -undercarriages).
‧The extension of the wheel housing takes place by means of the available workshop facility.

Application range: VW-Polo new, Audi A2, Skoda Fabia, Seat Ibiza

(01) 57011-F-02 Half shell coupling anodized, for bearing O 62 mm
(02) 57009-F-02 Half shell coupling chrome, for bearing O 66 mm
(03) 57007-F-02 Half shell coupling black, for bearing O 72 mm
(04) 57005-F-01 Pressure bell universal
(05) 57003-F-01 Thrust bearing Gr. 66 / 72 mm, Length 160 mm
(06) 57003-F-02 Thrust bearing gr. 62 mm, length 160 mm
(07) Fixing screw M12 x 1.5, for half shell, set of 3 pieces
(08) Fixing screw M14 x 1.5, for half shell, set of 3 pieces