Removing And Cleaning Injectors Common Rail Diesel
58013-F - Removing-And-Cleaning-Injectors-Common-Rail-Diesel-for-BMW-M47TU-M57-M57TU-M87-M87TU

Removing And Cleaning BMW Injectors Common Rail Diesel
‧Complete set for removing BMW CR Injectors without dismounting the cylinder head.
‧Equipped with a blower adapter to clean the injector seats.
‧Bosch injectors: common rail injectors mounted on BMW

Application Engines:
BMW Common Rail: M47TU, M57, M57TU, M87, M87TU

Brand: BMW Engines: 2.0d Model: 118d E87; 120d E87; 320d E46, E90/E91; 318d E90/E91; X3 E83
Brand: BMW Engines: 2.5d Model: 525d E39 E60/E61
Brand: BMW Engines: 3.0d Model: 330d E46, E90/E91/E92/E93; 335d E90/E91/E92; X3 E83; 530d E39, E60/E61; X5 E53, E70; 635d E63/E64; X6; 730d E38, E65/E66, F01/F02