Programmable Refrigerant Charging Scale
58608-58608Z - Programmable-Refrigerant-Charging-Scale

Programmable Refrigerant Charging Scale
The 58608 utilize the most technologically advanced and precise refrigerant meter available today with features that can not be found anywhere else. It is ideal for HVAC and refrigeration service, including Critical Charging of small refrigeration systems. With the 58608 you can measure weight in both metric and English units.
The 58608 is programmable, and has a built-in alarm to indicate a programmed threshold has been exceeded.

  • ● High visibility LCD display
  • ● 58608 measures weight in kgs and lbs.
  • ● 58608Z measures weight in kgs, lbs, oz.
  • ● Built-in memory remembers all previous settings.
  • ● Built-in alarm function.
  • ● Long battery life reach 100 hours.
  • ● High accuracy and resolution ( 100kgs/5g ) .
  • ● Programmable
  • ● Can be calibrated in the field with inexpensive reference weight.

NOTE: To prevent damage, never exceed the rated capacity of the 58608/50608Z.

Basic Weighing Operation
  • 1. Place the weighing platform on a firm, level surface.
  • 2. Connect one end of charging hose to "INLET" and the other end to refrigerant tank. take another hose and connect one end to "OUTLET", the other end to A/C system or manifold.
  • 3. Press "ON/OFF" to turn on the scale.
  • 4. Place refrigerant tank on centre of platform and open refrigerant tank valve, weight display on sereen.