2 in 1 Gauge 58996
58996 - 2-in-1-Gauge-58996

2 in 1 Gauge
*Dial Diameter: 2 inch
*Pressure Range:
0~160psi (for Tire Pressure) 0~200psi (for R134a)
*Housing: Black-Painted Steel
*Ring: Chrome-Painted Steel
*Lens: Acrylic
*Stem with Release Button
*Rubber Protector
*45 degree stem for measuring tire pressure
*R 134a stem for measuring R 134 a
*Braided SS Hose for hard to reach
*Extension Stem for hard to reach
*Pouch for storing all the 5 components

Packing Detail :
Q'TY: 24 PCS
N.W: 13.5 KGS
G.W: 18.5 KGS
CUFT: 1.65
Blister Card