Seal Set
59012 - General-Motors-A6-R4-late-DAG-HR-6-V5-POLE-R4-Seal-Set

General Motors A6, R4, late DAG, HR-6, V5, POLE R4 Seal Set
Includes the tools needed to replace seals on GM compressors from early sixties through the current model year as well as Tecumseh HR-980
58401 Internal Snap Ring Pliers 58407 O-Ring Iinstallation Guide
58402 O-Ring Seal Sleeve Remover 58408 Seal Seat Installer
58403 Seal Seat Remover 58409 Seal Protector
58404 Seal Remover & Installer 58410 Ceramic Seal Installer
58405 Clutch Plate Remover (coarse thread) 58501 Universal Clutch Holding Tool
58406 Clutch Plate Installer (coarse thread) 58412 Clutch Plate Removal Arbor