Clamp Nut Socket
59013-FA - Clamp-Nut-Socket-56mm-for-DAF-MAN-trucks-BENZ-trucks-BENZ-buses-KASSBOHRER-SETRA

BENZ&MAN Clamp Nut Socket, 56mm
‧For professional loosening and tightening.
‧Extremly versatile.
‧Rectangular form.
‧Usably with rectangular clamp nuts on the axle stub.
‧Suitable for exact torque with a 3/4" square drive.
‧Milled out profile.
‧For machinery usage.
‧Special steel.

Application range: DAF, MAN trucks (with clamping nut no.81.92901-0066); BENZ trucks (axles VL3/8,13,VO3/10,VL4/7,9,10,VD4/14,VO4/11,13,18,VL4/15,16,19 and VD4/20 in type 363,385,387,389,391,393,395,617,620,621,622,623,625 and 649 (ex:BENZ ACTROS with drum brake tightening nut no.652 330 00 88)); BENZ buses (axles VO3/10,4/11,4/13 and 4/19 in type 0303,0305G and 0307); KASSBOHRER/SETRA(front axle 6.5 +7.5 in types S210 and 215,SG 219-221 and non-driven rear axle types S216 HDS and S228 DT)

Innerψ(mm): 56
H (mm): 53
Square (mm): 3/4