Nippondenso Service Set 59025
59025 - Nippondenso-Service-Set-59025

Nippondenso Service Set
Contains all the specialized tools required to service Nippondenso type compressors appearing on many Ford, Chrysler and imported vehicles, includes a special holding fixture for cross bolt mount configuration.
Complete with tool box and instructions.

58462 Pulley Bearing Remover & Driver

58463 Universal Pulley Puller Arbor
58701 Universal Pulley Body
58476 Clutch Plate Remover
58468 Shaft Protector Plot (small)
58419 Clutch Plate Installer
58702 Pulley Removal Jaws
58472 Bearing & Pulley Installer
58420 Seal Seat Remover
58421 Seal Seat Installer
58477 Shaft Key Remover
58478 Clutch Pulley Support
58704 Clutch Pulley Support
58705 Warner Clutch Pulley Support
58506 Compressor Holding Fixture
58479 Valve Plate Remover

For Complete Ford FS-6 Service
This set must be used with:
58467 External Snap-Ring Pilers
58501 Universal Clutch Holding Tool

For Complete Ford 10 PA17
Service set 59025 must be used with set 59020

All tools available individually