Truck Injectors Solution
59027-F - Truck-Injectors-Solution-for-SANGYONG-MERCEDES-Trucks-with-Injector-Pump-systems-or-with-traditional-truck-injectors-VOLVO-SCANIA-MERCEDES-MAN-RENAULT-IVECO-etc

Truck Injectors Solution
‧Injector puller solution SSANGYONG & MERCEDES【Special for trucks】
‧Special injector puller solution for new generation trucks

Application range: SANGYONG, MERCEDES, Trucks with Injector-Pump systems or with traditional truck injectors (VOLVO, SCANIA, MERCEDES, MAN, RENAULT, IVECO, etc.)

(01) Socket for Delphi injectors & Trucks
(02) Injector "hook"
(03) Extension handle
(04) Upper handle
(05) Body-tamper
(06) Cardanic joint
(07) M18x1.5 nut