Deluxe Clutch Hub Puller/​Installer Kit 59029
59029 - Deluxe-Clutch-Hub-Puller-Installer-Kit-59029

Deluxe Clutch Hub Puller/Installer Kit contains a complete offering of A/C compressor clutch hub pullers and installers for GM, Ford, Chrysler and Imports.
Includes a compressor identification chart and come in a custom molded case.
58415 Clutch Plate Installer
58405 Clutch Plate Remover
58412 Clutch Plate Remover Arbor
58491 Clutch Plate Installer
58427 Clutch Plate Remover
58492 Clutch Plate Remover Arbor
58406-01 Clutch Plate Installer Arbor
58493 Clutch Plate Remover Arbor
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