Oil Mist Separator Wrech
59039-F - Oil-Mist-Separator-Wrech-109mm-for-FUSO-380-over-17-tons-Engine-no-6M70-and-bus-Mitsubishi-all-NEW-CANTER-eco-4-3-5-6-7-and-6-9-tons

FUSO Oil Mist Separator Wrech, 109mm
‧Fuso oil mist separator wrench (8RIBS,109mm).
‧Using the oil-water separator wrench.
‧Looped handle.
‧Japanese truck repair tool.
‧Specialty tools.

‧Application range: FUSO 380 over 17 tons (Engine no 6M70) and bus. Mitsubishi all NEW CANTER eco-4 3.5 , 6.7 and 6.9 tons.

Innerψ(mm): 109
Outerψ(mm): 118
H (mm): 176
The thickness: 16