A/C Spring Locking Coupling Tool 59088
59088 - AC-Spring-Locking-Coupling-Tool-59088

A/C Spring Locking Coupling Tool
Release spring lock connector on air conditioning line. for separating spring
lock air conditioning refrigerant pressure lines on 1981current Ford cars and
pick-ups with spring lock connection. There are four size: 3/8" (red) , 1/2"
(blue-black) ,5/8" (black) , 3/4" (white) .
Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set
All the disconnect tools you need to work with quick connect fuel lines on
Ford, Chrysler, and GM, and on the spring lock fuel line couplings on Ford's
popular port fuel injection system.
Works on 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2" fuel lines.
3/8" (yellow) & 1/2" (green) : Releases spring lock connectors on fuel line.
5/16" (gray) & 3/8" (blue) : Releases quick connect fitting on fuel line.
Transmission Cooler Line And Fuel Line Quick
Disconnect Tool
Removes push lock connectors found at both the radiator and transmission.