1. Use patented concave cone, convex cone 
    connectors and cone shaped leak-proof
    washer in design – adaptive to pipes with
    various diameters.
2. Pipes with diameters 3 ~ 28 can be
    connected with a large, medium, or small
    tapered cone and a large or small size
3. Connectors are made of copper; neither will
    the threads wear out as in aluminum
    connectors nor will they rust or corrode as in
    iron connectors.
4. Cone-shaped leak proof rubber washer is
    suitable to the HNBR material found in air
    conditioning systems.
5. Special clamp is designed to connect pipes
    without a fitting hole, as in the R12 system.
6. Universal C-shape clip fixture design is
    applicable to all R134 systems with fitting
7. This universal connector kit covers R134, R12,
    European, Japanese, American, Hybrid, and
    Taiwanese automotive systems, functionally
    equivalent to six sets of connector kits.
8. Prevent from requiring a new set of connectors
    when a new automotive series is introduced.
9. The surfaces of connectors, C-shaped clips,
    and clamps have been specially finished.
    They are esthetic, ergonomic and versatile.
    Matching connector shapes, automotive
    make and models, or dimensions is not
    required. Easy to use and operate.
    Inexpensive with broad applicability.

Model No.59110
Box size400*305*70
N.W.15 kgs
G.W.16 kgs