Tire Deflator for TPMS Valves
59151 - Tire-Deflator-for-TPMS-Valves

 • No need to removing TPMS valve core.
• Safely release the air.
 • Four same sizes noted with position mark help users to install the tire back the same position.
 Save time to reset the TPMS system with computer.  
 • Thread cup size: 5/16" x 32 UNEF
 • Pin size: M3 x P0.5
 • Red: RF (Right-Front)
 • Blue: RR (Right-Rear)
 • Yellow: LF (Left-Front)
 • Green: LR (Left-Rear)
Step 1: choose each colorful cup with position mark, and install it with TMPS tire valve.
Step 2: Air is released easily.
Step 3: Remove the tire and do repair work, then install four tire back to original position.
Step 4: Put four colorful cup back to storage EVA.