Cordless Expander Tool


Cordless Expander Tool
The 59549L/59549M are high-tech products specially designed flaring tools for HVACR field use. With high capacity charging batteries, they can flare different sizes of brass, aluminum, PVC tubings. Features of auto alarm, auto retract function etc. This new flaring tools can provide convenient, prompt, easy operation service for your work.
*High capacity provide driving power.
*Adjustable inside punch for different depth & sizes.
*Auto retract expander heads with alarm functions.
*Different sizes of expander heads available.
*Easy operation, used for 10MM~42MM. Diameter tubing.
Cordless Expander Tool Operation Guide:
1.Deburr inside of tubings.
2.Anneal tubings if necessary (for hard or thick wall tubings) .
3.Screw expander head on expander tool.
4.Adjust the length of expander tool punch (rotate clockwise/anti-clockwise to reduce/increase the length)
5.Place the end of tubings on expander head.
6.Press and hold switch until tubing had been expanded. Work complete.