Truck & Bus used Two Speed DC Dash Fans
M65165-07 - Truck-and-Bus-used-Two-Speed-DC-Dash-Fans

Truck & Bus used Two Speed DC Dash Fans

-Complete and ready to install in car, truck, van, motor home, cabins, boat or recreational vehicle.
-Metal body with chrome plating orblack powder coating.
-Non-oscillation manually adjustable positioning.

O.E. Cross Reference & Application:
Fasco: FP-103 (12V) / FP106 (24V)
Four Seasons: #35310 (12V) / #35320 (24V)
Signal: 840-103 (12V) /  840-106 (24V)
Red Dot: 73R9052 / RD-5-4575-0P
Signal: 841-203 (12V) / 841-2061 (24V)