【Long live Battery】 Supercapacitor,​ Lasting Start System,​ Modified Auto Battery,​ Increase Vehicle Performance,​ Super Capacitor with Patent Innovation Design
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50349-S - Long-live-Battery-Supercapacitor-Lasting-Start-System-Modified-Auto-Battery-Increase-Vehicle-Performance-Super-Capacitor-with-Patent-Innovation-Design
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【Extend battery's life】
1. Battery power continuation system and battery power continuation method.
2. Parallel output ratio configuration system and method for starting battery and fast energy storage module.
3. Replace the lead-acid battery with a smaller CCA capacity and still use the engine start method normally.
4. For car batteries, extend the life cycle from 2 years to 8-10 years.

【Battery life warning】
1. Battery power continuation device and battery power continued method.
2. Method for detecting load current value of starting motor and defecting life of starting battery device.

【Electric chaotic battery warning】 The battery for starting the engine is designed to avoid damage caused by over-discharge.

【Easy installation】