Infrared refrigerant Leak Detector
58159 - Infrared-refrigerant-Leak-Detector-for-R744-Co2-use-a-newly-developed-optical-gas-sensor


  • This unit uses a newly developed optical gas sensor which is extremely sensitive to a variety of R744 refrigerant.
  • It provides features of fast-response, high-reliability, and long-durability.
  • It is an ideal tool for maintaining industrial heat extraction, heat pump water heaters, chilled warehousing, supermarkets, shopping vessels, commercial refrigeration and automotive air conditioning.


  • Microprocessor Control with advanced digital signal processing.
  • Multi-color visual display.
  • Mute function to turn off audible alarm.
  • High-Medium-Low Leak Sensitivity Selector.
  • Low Battery Indication.
  • Infrared gas sensor.
  • Detection gas: R744 (CO2).
  • Carrying case included.
  • 15.5 (40cm) Flexible Stainless Probe.
  • Ambient Concentration Reset.
  • Peak function-find leaks in noisy environments.
  • Automatic zero and background compensation.
  • AC Adapter: @5V 1A