Battery-Power Anti-bacterial Vaporizer
58837 - Battery-Power-Anti-bacterial-Vaporizer


Introducing the Ultimate Vehicle Antibacterial Vaporizer
Experience the ultimate in vehicle sanitation with the products. Designed to be easy to operate, lightweight, and portable, it's the perfect solution for all types of vehicles.

Vehicle TypeDimensionVolumeFogging Time
Most CarL 3.8 x W 1.6 x H 1.3 m4,300 L60 Sec
Big Suv or Van L 7.8 x W 2.3 x H 3 m 24,000 L 120 Sec
Bus L 12 x W 2.5 x H 3.4 m55,000 L 240 Sec

Key Features:
Easy Operation: User-friendly, making it effortless to sanitize your vehicle.
Lightweight and Portable: Take your sanitization routine on the go with this compact device.
Advanced Antibacterial Technology: When combined with ourdisinfectant-58836, Vehicle Purification produces a powerful 3D nano-fog. This fog creates a durable protective layer, covering irregular surfaces and even penetrating individual fabric fibers for comprehensive sanitization.
Long-lasting Protection: Enjoy prolonged and enhanced sanitizing benefits thanks to the long-lasting protective film created by the 3D nano-fog.
Elevate your vehicle sanitization routine with it. Ensure a clean and safe environment for yourself and your passengers wherever you go.
The product features have been seamlessly integrated into the description, highlighting the ease of use, portability, advanced antibacterial technology, and long-lasting protection provided.