Rear Axle Nut Socket
59003-FB - Rear-Axle-Nut-Socket-105-125mm-for-Mercedes-Benz-Actros-Rear-axle-HL-HL-8-Hypoid-etc

BENZ Rear Axle Nut Socket,105-125mm
‧Internal square drive to DIN 3121 /ISO 1174 .
‧Rigid Locating tube.
‧High accuracy of fit.
‧Extremely robust execution.
‧Suitable for high tightening and loosening torque.
‧Special steel.

Application range: Mercedes Benz Actros Rear axle, HL/HL 8 (Hypoid), etc.

Innerψ(mm): 105
Outerψ(mm): 125
H (mm): 180
Studψ(mm): 116
Stud width (mm): 10