A/C Flush Machine
59106 - AC-Flush-Machine-with-AUTOMATIC-CIRCULATION-Capacity-2L

1. The power comes from pneumatic motor or air pressure- no 
    sparkles and safe.
2. The air bubbles can be added to boost the cleaning effect, 
    and the oil dirt and the mud inside the cooling pipes can be 
    thoroughly removed.
3. It is circulation of cleaning. It effectively removes and cleans 
    the impurities inside the cooling pipes.
4. The leakage of the system can be easily detected by liquid pressure
    or air pressure.
5. After cleaning, the lives of the compressor and the cooling system 
    can be effectively extended. It is useful for the maintenance. 
6. Match A/C tube cleaning with 59110 cleaning connector to use, 
    getting good efficiency, and achieving multiple efficiencies. 
7. Driven by pneumatic motor pump.
8. Automatic circulation wash, unlimited number of uses.
9. A double filter design of filter net and 5μ filter can effectively filter 
    the impurities after cleaning. It protects the machine, and 
    prolongs the life of the machine.

Model No.59106
Used Pressure5~7 kg/c㎡
PowerAir pressure/AP35
Machine size430*600*1200
Discharge StyleAir pressure
N.W.34 kgs
G.W.36 kgs