ELECTRIC VEHICLE COVERAGE Cooling System Leakage Tester and Vacuum-Type Coolant Refilling Kit (31 pcs)
Full Set
59122D - ELECTRIC-VEHICLE-COVERAGE-Cooling-System-Leakage-Tester-and-Vacuum-Type-Coolant-Refilling-Kit-31-pcs
CE certificated



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Don’t be anxious about the surge of EV cars.
Gamela will get you covered. EV cars will no longer have internal combustion engines, but their brake and cooling systems remain pretty much the same.
Gamela has been following up on the latest trend to ensure our tools’ applicability in the EV market.

• Set for testing leaks in the automotive cooling system and refill new coolant by creating a vacuum in the cooling system
• Includes 21 adapters (No. 3 - 23) for major car makes on the market
• Special 90° connector for fitting on recovery tanks located deep in the engine compartment
• Adapters and pump are made of lightweight nylon 6-6
• Connectors (blue and black) are for testing pressure caps

PackageBlow molded case (black)
Packing2 sets in a master carton
Weight per set5.8 kg12.7 lbs
Net weight per carton11.5 kg25.3 lbs
Gross weight per carton12.5 kg27.5 lbs
Size per set60.4 × 50 × 10.6 cm23.8 × 19.7 × 4.2 in
Size per carton61.5 × 22.4 × 52.4 cm24.2 × 8.8 × 20.6 in
Volume per carton0.072 CBM2.5 CUFT
Case label size 24.0 × 10.0 cm     9.4 × 3.9 in 

Replacement Fitment Chart