Universal Axle Nut Removal/​Installation Kit
58045-F - Universal-Axle-Nut-Removal-Installation-Kit-for-Over-2-tons-vehicles-with-circular-nuts

Universal Axle Nut Removal/Installation Kit
‧Tool loose and tight the rear wheel nut.
‧Both sides of pin are adjustable.
‧To scale the hole in the center and add the wrench.
‧Different sizes of pins are suit to different kinds of cars..
‧Using loosening tightening of the rear housing nuts.
‧Used in small vehicle (over 2 tons for circular nuts.)
‧Function with the same wrench.
‧General truck repair tool.

‧Application range: Over 2 tons vehicles with circular nuts.

Pin (mm): ψ5.5
Pin (mm): ψ6.8
Pin (mm): ψ9.1
Nut(screw): M8xP1.25
Main body: