Rear Hubcap Nut Socket
59009-FB - BPW-Rear-Hubcap-Nut-Socket-111mm-for-12-tons

BPW Rear Hubcap Nut Socket, 111mm
‧Special heavy duty oval shape socket with two flats on the side to suit BPW rear axle hub retaining cap nuts fount on later model Japanese commercial trucks, tractors and other automotive industrial equipment.
‧For extracting the rear axle cover.
‧Male Hex Drive: 1-5/8" (41mm)
‧Size: 4-3/8" (111mm) Across the flats
‧Application range: BPW 12 tons

Innerψ(mm): 111
Outerψ(mm): 132
H (mm):94
Hexagon (mm): 41